Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Colonel Robert Cranston update

19:11 EST

Sunday 26 JAN

Dear AFNers All:

Spoke to Sandy a short time ago and there is mixed news about our Colonel's progress. He remains in the Medical Intensive Care Unit and Saturday had a down day, with some of the doctors again casting doubts as to whether he could survive. The information then was that a CAT scan of his lungs day asg, had shown a very large blood clot right where the catheter inserted into his chest connects with his renal system, and is used for dialysis. The doctors were very upset at the clot's size, and Sandy says they theorized that a small portion of the clot had broken off last Wednesday afternoon and flowed to his lungs, which, inturn, caused the cardiac arrest.


The fact that this clot is so large and in a very vulnerable spot, connected to his dialysis system, meant that since the cardiac arrest, he has NOT been receiving dialysis. The bad news is that he needs it to assist his kidney function but I assume, and this is an ASSUMPTION on my part, the good news is that his kidneys have functioned well enough through today, the 26th, that he is still alive!

Then today, Sunday, Sandy said both the head renal doctor and the I C U doctor in charge, both were "amazed" (her word) at how well the Colonel is doing after yesterday, when they were upset about his condition. ( His various readings must be better) and Sandy says he looks and appears better, and so she is encouraged again, while yesterday she was expecting the Social Workers to resume another end-of-life discussion with her as to when or if to "pull the plug.". She tells me she is expecting one of those tomorrow, as the Social Worker staff is much thinner on weekends. However that may not be necessary. His condition improved so much today that she says they will resume kidney dialysis tomorrow despite the blood clot , as they now believe his blood thinning medicine will have shrunken the clot a bit, and they are willing to take a chance with resuming the dialysis his kidneys need.

I want to thank all of you who responded to me ( with compliments and information) about my unfortunate e-mail discussion with AFN's current senior Public Affairs Officer in the Riverside, CA Broadcast Center, Lawrence Sichter (SICK-ter). If I wanted to be "cute", I would say there is some irony in the way his name is pronounced, as the lack of interest on his part, and the rest of the current AFN hierarchy, to what is going on, makes me "sick." I have now learned from several of you that this gentlemen has been less than cooperative as long ago as a decade, in his cooperation, or lack thereof, in projects related to the splendid, and important history of AFN during the War years, and for the decades immediately after. That gives me some context as to why both the current AFN components at Fort Meade, MD and California are as apparently disinterested in the current situation as they are.

Here is a heads up for you all. The first week in February, beginning on Monday the 4th, I will be attending the World Sea Turtle Conference in Baltimore, MD and will, therefore be out of touch with Sandy! I invite any of you who have the time and interest, to check in with her to continue these medical bulletins as needed. Her cell, again, is (redacted, let me know if you need it - thom). That is the most dependable number on which to reach her. I will try to resume my reports on Sunday the 10th of Feb. or later that week as needed. ( For those of you who do not know me, my chief retirement activity is Sea Turtle Conservation public relations and free lance writing.)

If I may end on a personal note, these reports, plus working on Bob's obit, should it become necessary soon, is beginning to really get me " down." I have my own health issues, and they are a bit wearing, but I am young compared to our Colonel , and I can only guess at how difficult this must be for him, fighting against all odds to overcome all the complications that followed the totally successful heart surgery. He and Sandy have gone through so much, I can only marvel at their personal strength! The two of them are so much stronger and more courageous than I, it makes me ashamed to complain for even a second!

God Bless Y'all from Reston
AFN Newsroom, Hoechst
1960 '61

Andrew N Guthrie



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