Saturday, September 7, 2013

AFN Munich - Dick Dale 1981

And now "The Old Sarge"
I started like most, joining the Service, then attended Armed Forces Radio School, in Ft Ben. Harrison. That was by far..... the Best Schooling, anyone could receive. Bar None.  I was in the Service for only the 3 years enlistment. Spent all of my time, in Europe, except for one Year.. I'm thinking, was "On The Air" for Two of those Years. My final Year, was spent in the Information Office, on Okinawa/Japan.
Following my ETS, worked in Lexington, Ky, Sioux City, Iowa, and Kansas City.

That's It.
Retired from Radio, in 2008. I'm currently living in Northern California.
Many times I've been asked if I'm the Dick Dale, of the Del-Tones. (Misserloo)

I just say "No.....but I can play Wipe Out, with my thumbs on the Dashboard of
My Car" That usually ends the conversation!
Best Regards,
Dick Dale

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  1. Hi there - if you should read this, "Old Sarge" - we met in Munich 1981. I knocked on the front door of Kaulbachstra├če, (I was 20), 'cause I sent a music-casset to AFN but never got an answer. So I knocked on the door - and you opend, and asked, what I wanted. I told my story, you were sorry that you couldn't help but then you invited me to your "Request Show" on AFN-Munich! BOY! That was an experiance! I remeber, you smoked 2 packages of cigaretts, you were alone in the show and you had to manage the whole show on your own! Great memory! Andreas