Saturday, May 3, 2014

AFN to a local citizen

I'm Julius, living in Munich, Germany.

I was born in Mannheim in 1950 and lived there till 1975. My absolute favorite Station was AFN FRANKFURT.  I heard them all: Wolfman, Roger Carroll, Charlie Tuna, Caseys' Count Down, Old Gold Retold, Hawaii Calls etc.

 I recorded a lot of their music, but not the complete shows. Sometimes only the trailers with the voice of the DJs.

 For decades I tried to find out the name of the title music from WEEKEND WORLD. Last Year, the SHAZAM-Program on my Mobile answered the question: "Super Chief" by Bob Thompson. I was happy like a child!

 My "AFN-YEARS" in Mannheim were an important part of my life, and when I now listen to the clips on your web-site, I always feel the spirit of that time.

Ride on ....

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