Sunday, April 26, 2015

AFRTS Canada

Sometimes overseas wasn't overseas.. In Canada, we built up mostly with radar stations making up the Pinetree Line of Ground Control Intercept (GCI) radar sites. The buildup began in the mid 50s and was largely over by 1962. AFRTS was there.

Tip of the hat to the stations that were at:

Armstrong, Ontario
Frobisher Bay Goose Bay Labrador
Harmon AFB Stephenville Newfoundland
Hopedale Newfoundland
Pagwa River, Ontario
Prince George BC
Ramore Ontario
Resolution Island
Seglek Bay, Newfoundland
St Anthony Newfoundland
Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Those were all on the air in 1961.

In 1971 we had stations on the air at:
Byron Bay
Goose Bay

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