Friday, June 12, 2015


1979 will be a good gear for movies...

We made it to the weekend, crank up some barbeque and memories.

I've burned through another turntable.  I'll sort that out tomorrow.  It's a LOT of transfers and I'm happy I can do it.

Roger Carroll has found another round of shows and that's a great thing.  Thanks for sharing them RC!!

Someone on Facebook: "Would you be interested in a bunch of Gene Price and Don Tracy shows?"  Survey says yes and they should get here today.

Since the last email, there's been soul, country, trad jazz, pop, a visit to Guantanamo and polkas. the AFRTS mix:

If you've saved anything from your years with the world's biggest and best network, please let me know.  It's a lot of history.  Most of it's in someone's garage...

Thank you for enjoying the blog.  Have a great week!

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