Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Robert Q Lewis - 1958

Robert Q was perfect for his times.  In 1958 radio was in a transitional period and he was on CBS.  AFRTS ran it worldwide.
John Miller thought Bob Crewe was singing on this:

I am Bob's brother Dan and after listening to the recording I can say without any doubt that it is he. Although I am not familiar with this event, I know Bob was by 1957 very active in promoting his singing career. Although he did have some success as a performer he changed direction and focused on song writing and record production. I joined him in 1962 and together we had a great run with artists such as the Four Seasons, Mitch Ryder etc. Bob passed away September 11,2014 here in Maine where he was in a medical nursing home. Thank you for this forgotten event. By the way, I know Bob and       Robert Q. enjoyed a long friendship.

Best regards,
Dan Crewe

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