Saturday, January 30, 2016

AFVN Billy Williams - 1972

Billy Williams at AFVN DaNang

This is one of my shows from early April 1972 and one of my first at  AFVN.  It aired shortly after I arrived at  AFVN Da Nang from the Qui Nhon Vung Chua Mountain detachment.  The Da Nang C&W program ran from 4:05 until 6PM, the same time that Saigon's country show aired.    

NOTE: The last song on this show was Mountain Berries (at about 23:20).  The later part actually came later when I was in Saigon and it got on the same tape somehow.

And the "Monkey Mountain Music Maker" jeeps that we used to breeze down the hardpan road, three or four miles, to Camp Tien Shaw and eat at the Navy Mess Hall.  Great food but heavily infested with career types.

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