Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Living Doll

"My Living Doll" is an American science fiction sitcom that aired for 26 episodes on CBS in 1964/65.

Just got off the phone with Peter Greenwood. Peter is a producer/archivist trying to get the TV series "My Living Doll" out on DVD, streaming maybe syndication. This would be a totally legitimate release. Julie Newmar is still around and she's really like to see these again.

The issue is that there were 26 shows. He's only located about a dozen. It was never in proper syndication. The only known syndication was on Teleprompter cable in NYC.

We get involved because AFN Berlin aired it in the late 70s. I'm sure I saw it on SCN in the early 80s. There were AFRTS prints. They were in libraries.

1. Would you have any of these, in any format.
2. Where did the film libraries go and when? I've always heard they were sent to AFRTS-LA and from there to the Library of Congress. Is that correct?
3. Do you know anyone who may be able to assist?

Please let me know. Click here to email Thom

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