Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Early AFN part one


In the hustle and bustle of getting something on the air, sometimes it's hard to realize how we touched our listeners.

Karoline gives a perspective:

I was born in 1947 in Berlin, Germany and from the fifth year in school we learned English. And from that year on it was not far away to AFN.
Me, my brother and our friends liked the fresh and cool presentation and of course the music, from the rock 'n roll to the beat period.

I remember especially our ultimate DJ Army Sergeant George Hudak. He made the afternoon show "Frolic at Five" very very well. Later on in the mid sixties Jan Wood made the show, also very well.

We also heard the country-and western music show "Stickbuddy Jamboree" with Bob Burns, that aired from AFN-Kaiserslautern and later from AFN-Stuttgart. I also remember the Saturday afternoon show "Weekend World" from Frankfurt, the "Fitch Bandwagon" and the Music-Show in the evening "Sounds of the Sixties" and "Music in the Air".

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