Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Sugar Report 1945

This one was sure a story.  Sugar Report was apparently never sent out on vinyl.  Each disk apparently unique and broadcast on shortwave at the time.  Bakedalaska got this one for us, thanks for the donation!.  When it came in there was a thick gray film and severe chipping and cracking.  Doing anything aggressive to remove the film will cause the chips to come off.  So... I gently cleaned it as best I could and did a transfer.  It was noisy but mostly complete.  With that being done, I tried a much better cleaning.
Acetate disks are actually made of organic cellulose.  When stored poorly something called palmyric acid leeches into the grooves.  That's important because it looks like a normal dirt.  Warm water and soap tends to make it worse.  Water with a small concentration of vinegar will dissolve it.  Windex is pretty close.  Most of it dissolved, Noise reduction removed the majority of the pops but it was still rough.  The pops were places where the cellulose was actually cracked.

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