Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FEN Frank Knauer 1980

Chip Barus checks in:

"Stumbled across your website while looking for FEN archives to check on an on-air personality from the 79-81 time period. I was stationed at Kadena AB in that time frame. Went broke saving money on stereo equipment. Long story short, I bought an Akai reel to reel because I could. Been going back through the tapes to record them onto a hard-drive for safe keeping. Found a tape with two "East of Midnight" shows by Frank Knauer They were recorded on 11 and 18 October of 1980. One of them was the Typhoon Wynn broadcast complete with the typhoon warnings of the day. Just wondering if you had any info on Frank Knauer. Is he still around? Spent most of my tour there listening to the show as I was working swing shift for the entire tour. Great memories of the show and Frank."

I met Frank when we were in Korea.  I was at the station in the infantry division near North Korea.  Every building was war era temporary structures.  The opposite of that would have been Taegu, near the south coast.  One of the most beautiful bases I'd ever seen.  That was Frank's station.

This is from the October 11th 1980 broadcast.

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  1. East of Midnight (EOM) ran side-by-side from Tokyo (from Yokota AB to all mainland Japan outlets) & on Okinawa as an independent show.

    Okinawa's EOM transmogrified into "The Midnight Crossing" around 1981...