Sunday, February 24, 2013

AFN Ray Tubberville 1973

Thanks to Phil for sharing.
Ed Tooma worked with Ray:
Ray and I worked together at AFN Berlin and at the Army Information Radio Service in Washington, D.C. Did we ever have fun doing production. I only wish I had kept the many spots and promo's we voiced together and we did some great character stuff too. Probably one of the most memorable spots was about us standing in that long unemployment line and deciding we'd be better off in the service. It became an AFN Frankfurt Network Radio break spot. Speaking of spots - it sure would be nice if everyone would share their production and send it to Thom so we could all go down memory lane together.

If any of you have the time drop me a line. I'd enjoy hearing from you.

Ed Tooma

AFNE 70-76
AFKN 80-81
AIRS 76-80, 81-85

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