Friday, September 12, 2014

Hear AFN live

I've heard from a few people that would like to be able to listen to AFN live.  They use geo-location, a fancy term for not being able to be heard in the US.  That settles that, er... no.

I'm listening to AFN Stuttgart

A proxy server is a computer that transmits data back and forth to your computer.  The point is the original sending computer doesn't see yours, it only sees the one you're connecting to.  

The easiest way to use this is to get Google Chrome Google Chrome allows the easy integration of several features.

Hola is a proxy that directly integrates into Chrome.  It will work with other browsers.

Get Hola

After it's installed, pick the country you'd like to look like you're from, there's a sun/fire icon in the upper right corner of your browser...

Listen to AFN Europe

Listen to AFN Pacific

You should tell a friend about this...

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