Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Randy Stone - 1969

As a SP5, Randy was assigned to AFVN for 15 months during 1968-70.  His duties were far-ranging.  In addition to hosting the "Go" show, he often filled in on "Orient Express," along with covering the JUSPAO press briefings.  Then, in what might otherwise have been spare time, he did production work, and he learned to edit film using a razor blade and a splicing bar with the skill of a surgeon.  Although he was based at the Saigon headquarters station, he was often called upon for fill-in excursions to the detachments.

Returning to the Nashville area after his Army service, Randy worked at a number of major broadcasters across the South, including WMAK in Knoxville, WKDA in Nashville, WQXI in Atlanta, and KLIF in Dallas.  He eventually retired from the lifestyle and settled into the life of an automobile repair shop owner for a number of years.

In retirement, Randy and wife Melinda moved from Nashville suburb Gallatin, Tennessee to Bixby, Oklahoma in the Tulsa metro area.

Biography from macoi.net

We lost Randy in March 2015, he was 68 years old.

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