Wednesday, January 7, 2015

AFRS Keflevik 1998

Larus sent this along:

Okay 6 minutes [EDIT 9 mins. past midnight 2015] to the new year and I'm sitting here with my frightened dog, and the Icelanders, who are usually big spenders on firecrackers, are going berserk!
BTW That word: berserk comes into English from the Icelandic!

I'm going to upload for you on my Dropbox an old HIFI STEREO off-air VHS recording of the Navy Broadcasting Service, Keflavik, Iceland and it's THE MORNING SHOW, unfortunately the lady never mentions her name in the recording, but I think Thomas Jones may help with that.

And, oh, yeah this is recorded from the stations FM broadcast channel, in Reykjavik, Niceland.

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