Monday, March 9, 2015

Laurie Allen and Jim Pewter - on tour

Memories from Laurie Allen:
The wonderful Jim Pewter and I had a whirlwind tour - to Germany, Italy, Crete, Portugal, then home.  Our friend, Charlie Barker was our escort. It was such a pleasure to visit the radio stations and meet all the service members.  I'd hosted the Classic Rock show for about 7 years at that time, but had never seen the operations overseas and it was great to see it happening.  And Jim for a lot longer. AFRTS did/does an awesome job, no doubt about it.

I'm missing some of the names on the pics but hoping our friends will help us out. Wish I had more photos of the radio stations themselves but I was busy when we were there so I didn't have time to take pictures - got lots of the great scenery though - which I won't pack in this time!

If you have any questions or need more explanations, I'm happy to fill in the blanks as best I can remember. I hope my info so far is right.

On a personal note, it was fun seeing Scott again because we had dated for about 7 months before he left for Crete and were friends.  Later on, he came back to LA, we reconnected and now we're celebrating 21 happily married years in March. :)

Dinner at Col Fowler's house with his wife Ann

Laurie and Jim at AFN Frankfurt (I believe this is Mike in the Morning)

Jim and Laurie at Schweinfurt Army Base

Tanks for the Memories..

Laurie gets to Drive...

Laurie and Jim at AFN Vicenza (missing names) The BDU guy on the right sure looks like Ian Knight -tw

Laurie and Jim leaving Vicenza, Yacchio Maddox helpful escort.

Charlie Barker and Laurie - trainride.

Thank you Laurie for sharing these.  More to come! 

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