Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Roger Carroll - 1977

Roger Carroll with Doc Severenson

Roger Carroll had an interesting story about how he became a DJ:

"Many years ago when ABC never played records live orchestras were dropped TV was just starting . I was at TV  and told by my boss ABC Chief announcer  Dresser Dalhstead I was going to radio and play records on the network daily three hour record show (the older guys refused to play records) I told Dresser , a good guy I was a network TV announcer and I did not play records. Dresser's exact response "get your ass over to radio or you ain't gonna be a network announcer" .

Dress told me later he was even attempting to cross toes so he wouldn't   break out laughing with my response.

ABC started selling quarter hours and I was getting network talent fees then of course the older guys wanted to do record shows. Then I got afternoon drive on ABC O&O KABC and then the Cowboy , Gene Autry offered ask me to come over to KMPC when my ABC contract ended...playing records was the best thing that happened in my long career"

It was a good thing for everyone.  Thanks Roger!

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