Sunday, August 4, 2019

Roger Carroll 1928-2019

We lost Roger on 7/31/2019.  He was in the ICU, with family and it was peaceful.

I knew Roger for about 10 years.  We'd trade stories and argue, always repectful  It was the internet.  He had saved a few boxes of his shows, which he sent over so we could hear them here on the blog.  It was gracious.

A few years ago he told me "I have Roger Carroll Radio".  When I figured out what that actually meant, he had a URL.  That would just be the start.  We talked about what would be necessary to do something with it.  Someone else eventually setup a website, with streaming that was sort of functional.  I sent over the audio I had.  I don't blame the guy who set it up, there aren't many web folks with broadcast experience.

Roger and the other guy had a falling out and he asked if I could help,  Took a couple hours and was on the air.  He loved it.  Smaller scale but it was being the front office again.  So for the last few years, I'd keep it running.  RC would let me know what he liked and didn't like and I'd tune it up.

At almost 90 he was very, very sharp.  Every idea made sense and made it better.  

I was doing some shows, all of the promos. He would give me critiques. Things that held me back when I did this for a living he saw immediately.

We'd chat, he sure could tell stories of an amazing life, career and family.

Roger started at a small station in Maryland, was one of the first announcers for the newly formed ABC network.  Went to work for Gene Autry at KMPC, did voiceover for CBS, decades with AFRTS.  

He made my life better.  He was a friend.

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