Friday, August 16, 2019

Tony Booth AFKN 1969

Tony in Stars and Stripes

It's always great to hear the stories.  Tony Booth shared his:

My time doing "Good Morning, Korea" from 1968-1970 are some of my most fond memories of my 51+ years in broadcasting.  Just so happened I was lucky enough to have Lt. Col. Frank Tennant as the CO at AFKN when I arrived and his support of the entire unit was a credit to his career. (Just so happens that tomorrow 10/28) is his birthday so Happy Birthday, Colonel.)

The unit had some of the best talent probably assembled in the Army at the time except in Vietnam since so many of us were drafted.  I volunteered for the draft so I could get AFRTS (remember the MOS? 71Q and 71R).

To those who served with me in those years regardless of what you did or where you were stationed, let me say "Welcome Home."  I heard that for the first time about 5 years ago.

Today in addition to hosting my afternoon show at Big Oldies 107.3 in Richmond, Va ( on the web), I do about 35-40 hours a month at the USO/Richmond International Airport.  The rewards are endless. Someone asked me recently if my dedication to those in uniform today had anything to do with the way we/I was treated when I came back home from Korea and the Vietnam War was still the hot topic, I said, "maybe a little but, honestly, I like the fact I get a new audience about every hour and can tell my jokes and stories and the only ones bored are the other volunteers...LOL"

Here's Tony at AFKN

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