Sunday, January 22, 2023

Jubilee 1945

 I've never heard one of these without wonderful music. 

The first tune is, "Blowing The Blues Away." The All-American Quintet consists of Les Paul, Sid Cattlet, Vic Dickenson, Willie Smith, and Eddie Heywood (obviously a great group). Archie, Eddie the waiter and Clifton Finnegan visit from "Duffy's Tavern." The program was previously released as program #119. Billy Eckstine and His Orchestra, The All-American Quintet, Lena Horne, Ed Gardner, Charlie Cantor, Eddie Green, Les Paul, Vic Dickenson, Willie Smith (alto), Eddie Heywood (piano), Sid Catlett (drums), Ernest Whitman (m. c.), Verne Smith (announcer).

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Thom. Jubilee was a terrific series. The comedy break on this one with Ed Gardner, Eddie Green and Charlie Cantor was fun.
    As an old radio guy forced into retirement by a corporation, I enjoy listening to the airchecks here.