Monday, July 7, 2014

AFN Kaiserslautern Radio Club

Michael Shimp had the following memories, thank you!

I was part of a work study program at AFN Kaiserslautern in the early seventies.  I (and many others) read news about our local high school (Zweibruecken American) and played musical requests from the students and faculty.  We alternated weeks with the K-Town American high school. This is a page from the Zweibruecken yearbook of 1973. Despite what the pictures show, we seldom touched the equipment, we just wrote scripts together and read them. Army Specialist Dennis Mclintock (sp) recorded and edited the show. I joined the Army a few years later, intending to enlist as a broadcast announcer (I believe a 71R M.O.S.), but my recruiter convinced me to enlist as a medic and  surgical assistant (91D), a profession I've worked in for a few decades now.

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