Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monitor - 1967

"Monitor" was a big deal at NBC.  It was a mixture of new, interviews, features and music. They started the show in 1955 and ran until 1975.  AFRTS ran it much of the time.

Dennis Hart is the authority of all things Monitor:

NBC gave the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service access to "Monitor" segments, which were edited to remove commercials and much of the hosts' continuity. An hour of the AFRTS version of "Monitor" would be culled from several hours of "Monitor" as it had originally aired over NBC. So what you'll hear in the hour is a compilation of Barry Nelson as he hosted a four-hour Sunday afternoon "Monitor" segment in 1967. (And, yes, the "strange" intro to the segment is something AFRTS put in -- not something NBC aired.)

Barry had left Monitor in December 1966.  This show went out in 1967.

Monitor has a tribute page.  Click here

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