Thursday, May 5, 2022

Bob Kingsley 1975


Bob Kingsley visits SCN in the Panama Canal Zone 1972 (photo: Gerry Fry)

Somehow it still amazes me.  Bob Kingsley was a really good rock jock.  He was one of us.  He'd done a tour at our Iceland station.  Bob later went on to be the voice of country music on American Country Countdown.    In 1975, it was time to rock.

Charles Goyette remembers that picture " I was also more than a little surprised to see myself on the page in a photo with Bob Kingsley at SCN.  That was in summer of ’72.  Also in the shot are LtC. Dan Maguire (our CO and a very fine man), Tom Colvin, John Fisher, Bob Rupp, Paul Warhanik, and Phil Lane.  I’m surprised the talented Lee McGowan wasn’t in that shot.

We were good hosts to Kingsley during his visit to Panama.  And some time later Bob was an equally good host when Lee, Gerry Fry, and I visited him in L.A.  As I recall, Robert Fuller, the actor in TV westerns like Wagon Train, was Bob’s brother-in-law.  Among other things, Bob took us on the lot for a shooting of the series Emergency that Fuller was starring in. 

Great seeing that picture again!"

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