Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Roland Bynum 1973

So it's a hot summer day, it's August 1973, Friday and Roland brings the party!

Bill Stewart - 1969

Bill Stewart spent many years with AFRTS

In 1952 Gene Autry bought KMPC and assembled an all-star staff.  Dick Whittinghhill, Ira Cook,  Bill Stewart and Johnny Grant..

In 1959 Bill Stewart was moonlighting as a record producer at Warner Brothers.  Manager Bob Leonard said that was too close to payola and he would have to stop. A furious Stewart went to GM Bob Reynolds and demanded that Bob Leonard be fired.  Reynolds said for Bill to calm down and take some time and think about it.  Reynolds and Leonard had been childhood friends.  They were roommates in college.

Roger Carroll had been working over at ABC and was in the process of coming over to KMPC for a different shift. Roger replaced Bill Stewart. 

In 1969 Bill still swung:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Harlem Hospitality Club - 1946

A combination audience participation/Harlem music show from Mutual, rebroadcast on AFRS. The program originates from the Savoy Ballroom, New York City. The first tune is, "The St. Louis Blues." Willie Bryant (host), The Loumel Morgan Trio, Kitty De Chavez (vocal), Kirby Walker (piano), Sam Jackson (bass)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

AFVN Jolly Jim 1966

Dennis digitized a reel-to-reel  recorded off the air (lightning crackles and all) from AFVN Saigon June 1966 featuring Jolly Jim (don’t know his real name) music is not scoped. Any idea who it is?

This is wonderful.  Thanks Dennis!

Don Browne has some insight:

The air check of AFVN Jolly Jim 1966 appears to be that of SP4 James Lull.

AFVN didn't exist in June 1966. The only studio was called "Armed Forces Radio" or "Armed Forces Radio - Vietnam". It was one flagship station for Saigon/540 kHz, and two or more unmanned repeaters (Qui Nhon/770 kHz, Danang/850 kHz, and possibly Pleiku/560 kHz). There was no FM (99.9 MHz) or TV (Channel 11) yet. The expansion to a "real" network was just starting. "Date With Chris" starring Chris Noel was six months away.

The actual air check of "Jolly Jim" Lull contains an interruption of Morse Code around 0635. This sounds like a cargo ship transmitting A2 in the nearby Saigon river. Several PAMS "call letter edits" are featured as well as PAMS instrumental beds. I don't recognize the notes that cover the call letters. Each call letter note pattern was unique.

Also, the music selection is suspiciously void of mentioning or playing early (1964-1966) Beatles selections. This is because early Beatles songs were not selected by the AFRTS radio producers for inclusion in the TP or P-series. This is one of the reasons why "bootleg" radio stations were started by Army Public Affairs officers in Vietnam.

Army Public Affairs officers started their own "independent" radio stations, acquired studio equipment, and several AM or FM transmitters. The PA Offices contacted local stateside record distributors and received popular 45 RPM singles and LP records. They also purchased jingle packages from CRC, Gwinsound, and Pepper-Tanner who were "supporters of freedom's mission in Vietnam". These "bootleg" operations were heard throughout RVN and were more popular (because their music was more current) than the RP four-week turnaround of the "censored" TP and P-series songs received by AFVN.

There were never more than twenty of these "bootleg" operations in RVN. These stations would generally exist for several months until their staffs ETS'd out of Vietnam. Then the on-air time would drop precipitously.

The most popular "bootleg" station in Vietnam was KLIK (from the military term "click", meaning one kilometer) which operated on 1330 kHz and 104.9 MHz, Lai Khe Base Camp. The PAO of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (just north of Saigon) operated this station for several years (1967-1969).

These "bootleg" stations donated their purchased jingles to AFVN, who had draftee SP4 Gary Gears as the AFVN Saigon production man (1967-1969). DoD approved these "donations" because they were "Found on Post". Gary combined PAMS jingles received by his former employers WDGY, KQV, and WCFL with the donated CRC and Gwinsound jingles which sang "AFVN". The result was quite remarkable.

Don Browne

Arthur Godfrey - USAF 25th Birthday 1972

In 1972 The Air Force was having their 25th anniversary.  2017 brings us the 70th.  In 1972 retired Reserve Colonel Arthur Godfrey helped with this tribute.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jim Pewter 1968

Jim Pewter rocks up a storm.  I miss this music.  I miss hearing it being played by someone that breathed it.  Thanks Jim! Jim also made a bunch of neat records

Don Tracy 1980

Don Tracy has some music to start the weekend.  It's a Thursday show from 1980 but the concept works...  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chris Noel 1968

I'm happy to be able to share this.  There's a story on this one.  This disk was part of a group I bought a couple of years ago.  Normally these things appear out of nowhere and no one is really sure where they came from.  I asked the seller "Grampa brought them back from Vietnam".  The kid wasn't sure about anything else.  It was pretty much junk in the garage.  We have to share these things before they become a part of oblivion.

Chris is STILL helping the troops.  Please make a donation, buy a signed picture.  There are a lot of nice things in the online shop:

Joe Ferguson 1983

Joe Ferguson is back with another hour of the "Joe Show".  Joe was doing his show in Portland (OR) and did a series of programs for AFRTS.

John Doremus - 1967

Music for the dinner hour from John Doremus.  After the run of the show John did many spots and short form shows that ran for years.