Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Charlie Tuna 1985

 Charlie Tuna is Los Angeles radio KHJ, 1967-72; KROQ, 1972-73; KKDJ, 1973-75; KIIS, 1975-77; KHJ, 1977; KTNQ, 1978-80; KHTZ, 1980-85; KBZT, 1985-86; KRLA, 1986-90; KODJ/KCBS, 1990-93; KMPC/KABC, 1993-94; KIKF, 1994-98; KLAC, 1998-2000; KBIG, 2000-07; KRTH, 2008-13. He then did weekends and fill-in at K-EARTH.

We lost Charlie in 2016.

Incredible.  From 1971 til the 1990s we were lucky enough to have the Charlie Tuna Show


Rebel Randall 1952


Ladies on the radio, from GI Jill, Chris Noel, Mary Turner, LaRita Shelby, Laurie Allen.  Voices from home.  During the Korean War that voice was Rebel Randall.

Huge audience, doing a civilian show in the states where families could call their troop overseas.  Eventually picked up by AFRTS to do a show.  "Jukebox USA".  It only ran for a couple of years.  Rumor at the time was she was talking too sexy for the brass...

Monday, January 3, 2022

Jim Pewter 1968


Jim knows his stuff.  We went to different high schools together...

Roger Carroll 1977


RC, that's he! Roger Carroll was with us for a long long time and it's always wonderful.  Here's Roger for the US Air Force.

Don Tracy 1986


Monday already?  Well it was in 1986 and Don Tracy takes the edge off.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas 1947


Three G. I.'s in Germany, away from home at Christmas time for the first time, try to share the holiday spirit. Edmund Penny, Frank Gerstle, Howard Culver, Irvin Lee, James W. Talbot (producer), Jerry Farber, Richard Crenna, Rye Billsbury, Steve Allen (writer).

I know that MacGregor produced similar material to this (under a contract for AFRS)

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Pete Smith 1983


Pete Smith was part of the EZ listening tradition at AFRTS.  He followed John Doremus, who followed Jim Ameche.  He had quite a career in Los Angeles radio KNX; KDAY, 1956-58; KRKD, 1958-61; KNOB; KPOL; KMPC, 1961-88; KJQI/KOJY, 1993-95; KGIL, 1998. Pete was part of "Music of Your Life."

Roger Carroll was telling me that Pete was fulltime swing at KMPC.  What a gig.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Adventures in Good Music 1972


Karl Haas was perfect for AFRTS.  He made classical music accessible for young troops that had never heard such a thing and gave a gift.  He did the same thing on Detroit radio for decades.  His show was syndicated all over the country and is probably still being aired somewhere.

Kris Erik Stevens 1978


Learn something new every day, Kris didn't go to the McCadden studios:

"I had my own studios so I never worked in the building.... but hand delivered shows there for at least 5+ years in the 70’s ----American Disco and the Kris Erik Stevens show --- Bit of a blur... but great fun!"

And great shows they were.

Kris may have some shows for us, that would be wonderful!!